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Ultimate Rack is a breakthrough technology for Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination

designed to simplify the construction and operation of RO plants

by substituting the conventional RO racks and pressure vessels

Ultimate Rack is a self supporting monobloc structure built in concrete

and used for housing Reverse Osmosis modules

Ultimate Rack is patented in the USA, Europe, Israel and Australia

Desalination is one of the preferred alternative sources of drinking water

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Front plate holding the hydraulic manifolds

Central section housing the RO modules

our technology

logo uRack noir.png

uRack structures consist of 3 main blocks: the central section in which the RO modules are fitted, and 2 front plates on each side

The front plates are mounted on rails so that the operation to open or close them is fast and easy: only 15-20 min is needed to open or

close the equivalent of tens of pressure vessels

The main advantage of such a design is the easy and fast access to the membranes that reduces the downtime of the plant during maintenance procedures

our technology

The central section of uRack structures is built in several

elements, all stacked on top of each other

from 2m to more than 9m height

The length of the central section is adapted to the RO process requirement and the number of RO modules in series 

from 5 to 8 modules

The width of the central section depends on the number

of tubes in parallel - usually between 5 and 6 tubes

from 2m to 2.5m 


To adapt to the production capacity of the desalination plants 

several uRack structures can be put in parallel

All elements can be built on site or pre-casted and shipped

To facilitate the handling, all elements are below 40T

Because the weight is distributed over a large area, the ground pressure is equivalent to a 100 kg person on tiptoe

in detail

logo uRack noir.png
in details



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Investment & Construction

Investment cost reduced by -25%

Foot print reduced by -25%

  • Possible on-site construction

  • Simplified value chain

  • Use of common and inexpensive materials

Operation & Maintenance

No specific maintenance

Reduced plants downtime due to the simplified access to RO modules

No wearing parts or small equipment

Only non corrosive material used

Risks & Security

Increased security due to the fact that concrete cannot explode

No corrosion risk due to the fact that only non-corrosive materials are in contact with water


Reduced leakage risk due to our unique hydraulic sealing system

Increased robustness & durability

due to the concrete material

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